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How to! | Get Through Finals Week


Hi all!

It’s that time of year for most people in school. Us college students probably have finals week earlier than high school but here are three of my simple tips on HOW TO! get through finals week 🙂 Happy studying! (all pics via Google)

1. Plan/Organize your time: The  best way to do this is by using a planner! I always have mine available throughout the school year but when finals week comes around, I have it handy that way I know what final I’m taking and when I’m taking it, PLUS all my other tasks (work, study, meetings, etc).


2. Don’t wait to study until the night before: Yes, it is very easy to procrastinate but cramming in all your work the night before is the worst thing to do. Plan out what day your going to study, what section, topic or set of notes and also find friends to study with! A quiet place is best. That way you are distraction-free!


3. Take time to relax! Do something you enjoy! I don’t know about your school but my school offers many great activities throughout finals week. We have a late night breakfast, relaxation station and a snack night! Doing little things to get your mind off the books is always helpful! Rest you mind, stress and nerves!



Good luck on all your finals!!! 🙂




The Reality of Make-up


I am surrounded by numerous beauty lovers and people who have the same passion for it as I do, but then of course, there are a few here and there who strongly believe “if you wear make-up you’re fake and not natural” or my favorite one, “people who wear make-up are insecure about themseleves.” Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I don’t wear make-up but since I do majority of the time (even if it means just touching up on my brows and applying mascara) it doesn’t/shouldn’t categorize me as being insecure with myself or not being natural.

the reality of make-up…

1. Natural is beauty, but makeup is glam!
In the words of itsjudyslife, this quote is TRUE! Make-up enhances your natural beauty. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, cliche, I know, but it’s true. It takes confidence to not wear make-up AND even to wear make-up so I truly believe that if you wear make-up you have to be comfortable with yourself with or without it.

2. One must learn to accept their flaws and their face without make-up on.
Wearing make-up is an art that adds glam but it doesn’t define who you are. I think that’s one thing that people who don’t care for make-up don’t understand… yes it builds confidence but it doesn’t change a person or their personality. & It certainly doesn’t make them fake. It may cover up their dark circles or acne scars but that doesn’t define them, instead, it highlights the features on their face… and yes it does wonders! For me personally, some spots on my face are lighter or darker than others so with make-up (bb creams or foundations) it helps my neutralize my face. It also “livens” me up a bit otherwise I’d look super tired.

3. My last rant about the reality of make-up is that one must know how to apply it correctly. We can all agree that there are people who wear the wrong color foundation, too much blush or messed up contour,  nevertheless, it is a must to know how to wear it the right way. The right way that works for your skin type and facial features 🙂


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Simple Fashion Statements!


It doesn’t take much to look like you’re actually trying with your outfit. On lazy days like I’m having today,  it’s easy to add one of these three items in your wardrobe,  if not all of them like I did. It requires minimal make-up and less time to do your hair or pick an outfit. It also complimemts and completes your finished look really well!

1. Big earings!


2. Scarves!


3. Bold Lipsticks!



Keep in mind any one of these three can be any color, print or style! My earings are from Charlotte Russe, Scarf from Forever21 & Lipstick from Target: Maybelline Color Sensational in Plum Paradise.2014-02-27_12_20_391

How to! Heal After a Breakup

Hey all!!! :)) I can’t help but not talk about relationships because Valentine’s Day is around the corner AND because it’s one of my favorite topics. I do not mean “how to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend” or “how to keep the relationship loving and long lasting” but rather, the opposite end, “how to get back on your feet after a relationship has ended.” Now I’m not saying that every relationship you get in will end but sometimes things just don’t work out how you had hope. Whether the relationship lasted 2 months or 2 years, it doesn’t matter because in some way, shape or form, it has affected you! There is so much you can do to heal but here are my 3 key tips that will help you get started!

1. Never stop loving yourself.
·I know it sounds repetitive but often, especially after a relationship, it is easy to forget that we are still worthy and after a relationship we tend to think that “we’ll never find anyone like him/her.” This causes us to feel like we’re not pretty enough or good enough. It also strikes some questions like, “What did I do to make it go wrong? What does she/he have that I don’t? Will I ever find someone like that again??” But remember, you are good enough. Don’t let a breakup control the way you feel about yourself and don’t let it ruin your future.

2.Don’t rush into things with someone else.
·If you do this then chances are you are trying to find “temporary happiness” in place of being sad and heart broken. Take time to let those emotions out and heal! Don’t go finding someone else to start talking to in hopes of making your ex jealous or getting your mind off of all your emotions. You’re only hurting yourself more and hurting the person you’re using to take away the pain.

3. Surround yourself with family and friends.
·It’s only appropriate to get your mind off the relationship with people you love and love you back. Go out and enjoy life rather than stay home being sad. Being with family and friends can help the healing process because you are reminded of all the amazing people in your life. It’ll make you realize that there is more to life than your previous boyfriend/girlfriend.

Love yourself and always remember that you will get through it… even on the toughest days when it seems impossible.



Disclamier: All opinions are my own!

Valentine’s Day Pressure

Valentine’s Day becomes a day we either love or hate. Admit it, whether you’re in a relationship or not, once February hits, some sort of pressure hits us. That pressure either causes us to plan the BEST date to impress our significant other or to plan the best “I hate Valentine’s Day” party, maybe even pressure to ask someone out. It’s a day for people in relationships to go a little bit out of their way for the one they love and it’s also a day where some dread because they are reminded that they’re single… maybe even, WHY they’re single. No matter the situation, we all feel that pressure. Here’s a list I put together of 3 tips each to help both the “taken” and “singles” to feel less pressured during this time.


1. The smallest things count! 

  • Don’t feel pressured to spend lots of money on something that won’t last long. Thought goes a lot further than anything money can buy.

   2. Be creative!

  • Make cards, crafts and even dinner! Yes, I said MAKE. Not everything has to be at a fancy restaurant. Your man will remember a yummy cooked meal opposed to dinner at Chili’s which he can eat any other day

3. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, don’t stop the love or date nights!

  • Often we feel the need to go all out because it’s Valentine’s Day, but it’s key to remember that your relationship should be special every single day.


  1. Don’t feel like you’re “forever alone.”

  •      This day tends to drag on. 24-hours become a lifetime because you are surrounded by mushy-gushy couples and it may cause you to feel like you’ll never have a significant other but you’re WRONG. God has a timing for everyone and everything and with that said, you’re timing will eventually come.

     2. Realize that Valentine’s Day is about LOVE which can include family & friends!

  • Have dinner with friends or make stuff for each other. I even get my parents a card for Valentine’s Day to thank them for all they’ve done. It doesn’t have to be geared towards a significant other.

    3. Treat yourself!

  •    Use this time to pamper and do something nice for yourself. I always tell people that it’s important to love yourself first before you can love anyone else so this can be a start!



Disclaimer: This is my first blog post so I am still learning about this website and tweaking everything. All opinions and tips are my own. Special thanks to my good friend Brianna for helping me with some of the tips! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!